Dima Steesy

Founder & CEO, DIMA

Dima Steesy is the founder and CEO of his eponymous fashion house. Mr. Steesy has been the creative and stylistic source of all the company's activities, as well as the driver behind the development strategies based on balanced growth on an international scale and focus on the core business.

Born in Russia in 1994, Mr. Steesy was raised in New Hampshire before enlisting in the U.S. Navy and subsequently deploying to Afghanistan and then to northern Africa. His experience lends him a unique perspective on the construction and wear of luxury apparel with an unmatched attention to detail.

Widely regarded as a leader in sustainable luxury fashion, Mr. Steesy has shown his collections to audiences, critics, and media in New York, Sea Island, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC.

A compelling business leader, Mr. Steesy has grown his company from a one-man studio to a growing company that counts fifteen employees and totaled eight hundred thousand dollars in sales in FY17.

Mr. Steesy enjoys traveling and splits his time visiting his stores and boutiques across the United States.