We are looking to establish a state of the art technology center for research into new production processes, materials, and crafting techniques specifically tailored for the fashion and textile industry. The Steesy Group seeks to create a new model for production research, creating the opportunity for previously undiscovered connections integrating traditional factory manufacturing techniques of fashion with new digital technologies and scientific processes, leveraging the proximity and expertise of the local Washington DC fashion development, production and our studios.

The Dmitry Steesy R&D Center will feature three inter-related technology labs: 

Digital & Advanced Fabrication Lab

Soft Circuits & Wearable Electronics Lab

Biology & Chemistry Wet Lab

The Digital and Advanced Fabrication Lab will include cutting edge 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC weaving, and related digital fabrication processes, customized for fashion and textile applications.

The Soft Circuits & Wearable Electronics Lab will allow us to learn and experience the technologies and processes of the rapidly expanding field of wearable electronics within the design language of fashion, including basic ‘soft’ electronics, conductive threads and inks, and flexible circuit manufacturing.

The Biology & Wet Lab will serve as a kind of biological atelier providing facilities to investigate ideas ranging from the latest in sustainable dying and printing technologies to the development of new living growing materials such bacterial cellulosic textiles. The unique combination of these facilities in combination with traditional manufacturing creates the opportunity for cross-disciplinary development of new models of fashion production. 

Our goal is to raise $500,000 to establish the Dmitry Steesy R&D Center and install the labs.