In 2016, while still a college student, Dima Steesy launched a beauty brand out of his bedroom in Boston. It started as a small project with basically one goal - to create a moisturizer that offered high-quality and modern ingredients but do so in an organic, toxin-free and cruelty-free manner.

Dima found that by substituting parabens and preservatives with organic and wildcrafted ingredients like hydrating jojoba, coconut, orange peel, and grape seed oils, he could design formulas with high-tech ingredients that worked but without all the bad stuff. 

  With that first moisturizer, which continues to sell out, Dima unwittingly tapped into a growing "green beauty" industry fueled by customers who were looking for products containing specific plant ingredients but couldn’t find them anywhere. 

  A couple of years later and now the Dima Steesy brand is recognized for its preeminence in the green beauty space, is one of the most followed skincare brands on Instagram with over 700,000 followers, and is sold in retailers, boutiques, and fine spas across the world.

  Today, the Dima Steesy team includes industry-leading chemists, herbalists, and estheticians and is headquartered in Boston.

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1. Never disappoint.

2. Innovate but simplify.

3. Cruelty and toxin free. Always.